Locked out of your flat? Here’s how to get back inside.

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Many people in Edinburgh and elsewhere will have experienced the misery of being locked out of their home at some point in their lives. This usually happens for one of two reasons, either they have left the keys inside and accidentally slammed the door behind them or they have lost their keys while out and about. For some strange reason, in the same way that buttered toast always seems to fall buttered side down, finding yourself locked out tends to happen more when it is cold and wet outside. So, if you happen to find yourself in this unfortunate situation, what should you do?

Below are 5 of the most common ways people will try to get back into their home, before calling an emergency locksmith for help.

1. Get in touch with someone who has a spare key

If you live in a shared property, contacting a flatmate is a good idea and likewise if you are in rented accommodation your landlord will usually be your first port of call. However if you live alone it is particularly useful to arrange for someone to hold on to a spare set of keys for you. But think very carefully about who you choose for this task. Family members, close friends and neighbours are usually best, as long as they live near you. There is little point giving a spare set of keys to someone who lives over 3 hours drive away.

2. Find the spare key which is hidden outside in the garden

Of course this depends on you having a garden and having a spare key hidden there. If you do decide to hide a key in the garden, avoid at all costs the usual hiding places: under the door mat, in a flower pot, in/under a fake rock or anywhere close to the front door.  Use your imagination to find a location that is out of sight and difficult to stumble upon, otherwise you may face a hefty bill when you are burgled using your own keys and your insurance company refuses to pay out.

3. The old credit card trick

Everyone has seen at least one film in which a credit card is swiped up the edge of the door and the door magically clicks open. Unfortunately many people will try this method and end up with a damaged card instead of an unlocked door.

4. Climb in through an open window

Home insurance companies are now very particular about window security. This means that finding an open window in less likely than it would have been a few years ago. In addition, this option is really only viable if you live on the ground floor, find a window that is big enough and are young and flexible enough to climb through it.

5. Smash a pane of glass to gain entry

If you live on the ground floor and there is a single glazed window you may consider breaking this as a way of entering your property. However you will also have to factor in the time and cost of getting a glazier to repair the glass you have damaged. You may find this works out less cost effective in the long run.

At the end of the day without a spare key, most people will need to rely on the skills of a fully trained locksmith, to help them get back inside their homes.  This makes good sense as a local locksmith will be able to get to your property fast and will have you back inside your home in next to no time – usually without damaging your lock or door. It may even cost you a lot less than you think!

If you need a trusted Edinburgh locksmith to discuss any aspect of your home security, please get in touch or give Richard a call on 0131 353 0040