Call Centre versus a Local Edinburgh Locksmith

Local Edinburgh locksmith

Why you should always choose a local Edinburgh Locksmith

When you need a locksmith you can either call a local locksmith or one that is run from a call centre. Call centres operate by placing advertisements in local directories and online. When a customer calls they are quoted a ridiculously high price which is only the first hour’s labour charge, plus VAT and this never includes parts. They then send an inexperienced locksmith who doesn’t have enough work of their own and usually not enough stock in their van to perform basic locksmith tasks.

A call centre locksmith receives typically 40% of the labour charge plus 40% of the part spend after the cost of the part is subtracted from the total. This is the locksmith’s incentive to charge more for the parts, so a lock that I would charge £20 for would be sold by these companies for £60.

The same goes for door mechanisms; I’ve heard horror stories of bills approaching £500 for a replacement multipoint lock by these companies, when realistically speaking it should be well under £200 fully fitted. In addition, because the locksmith they have sent will generally have a poorly stocked van, you’ll probably have to pay for a return visit.

12 month warranty

Locksmiths with call centres may also tell you that they provide a twelve month warranty and that’s why their prices are more. All honest Edinburgh locksmiths provide a minimum twelve month warranty on all new parts fitted. There are no benefits to using a national company other than wasting your money.

How to avoid a call centre or cowboy locksmith company

  • When reading through any adverts or websites, if you spot the following phrases- ‘all of our’ engineers/technicians/locksmiths.
  • If the advert has multiple phone numbers for lots of different areas, like Musselburgh, Dalkeith, Penicuik etc.
  • When you are on the phone to them – Do they sound like they are local? Ask them a basic geographic question and see if they can answer it.
  • Is there background noise like an office environment? If so, it’s likely to be a call centre.
  • Is the person you are speaking to male or female! – There are very few female locksmiths operating in Britain and at the point of writing this, none in Edinburgh.
  • If they say ‘an engineer’ or ‘someone will be with you soon’ it’s a tell tale sign of a call centre.

How to spot a local Edinburgh Locksmith

  • Firstly a local accent will go a long way to convincing you it someone close by.
  • A picture of the locksmith or their van on the website.
  • A genuine local locksmith will be asking you questions about the situation that you are in and already giving you an idea of cost based on what you are telling them and not just the first hour’s labour like a call centre.
  • And finally because most local locksmiths work alone – you want to hear ‘I’ll be there in…..’ it should be the same person you talked to on the phone. You should be able to ask their name and get an immediate answer.

If you are looking for a genuine local locksmith in Edinburgh please get in touch or call Richard on 0131 353 0040