Cheap Edinburgh Locksmiths

cheap Edinburgh locksmith

Choosing a Cheap Locksmith

Most people I meet would say they want a cheap Edinburgh locksmith, who also does a great job. As is the way of the world these days, the majority of people are now very much inclined to shop around when choosing a service or product. Cost is a big factor for me too when choosing supermarkets, holidays, utilities etc. Supermarkets generally sell similar products to each other and you’d never notice the difference in your gas or electricity supply, just the monthly direct debit.

Some things should not be skimped on however….

Choosing your locksmith wisely can be the difference between having a vulnerable home or a secure home. Choosing a cheap initial quote can also leave you with a big bill in the end.

Cheap Locksmiths to Avoid

1. The locksmith who is TOO cheap

He’s making his money somewhere, and it’s likely that he’ll be using really poor quality locks that offer little protection and probably won’t last that long, possibly resulting in you being locked out or worse still, locked in. These types of lock are unlikely to meet insurance standards I jokingly refer to these types of product as ‘market stall quality’. Unbranded, cheaply made and available on eBay etc and local hardware stores.

2. The National locksmiths claiming to be cheap and local

They’ll tell you a price on the phone, usually a low one and when they arrive the price shoots up considerably. Generally these companies also use poor quality products but pass them off as high security options. This is because two sets of people need paid – the call centre and the person performing the service.

Good Value Locksmith

All honest and local Edinburgh locksmiths will happily discuss prices and brands of locking product on the phone. The national companies will always deflect the question by saying:- “our engineers all carry different stock so we can’t give an accurate price” etc.

For me, rather than claim to be a ‘cheap Edinburgh locksmith’, I’d say I am a ‘good value Edinburgh locksmith‘ always quoting reasonably accurate prices upfront when asked and all of my products are sold at or below their R.R.P.

I use a few different brands of lock which have proven, in repeated use, to be of high quality allowing me to provide a minimum 12 month warranty on everything I sell. I stock product options to suit all budgets while still maintaining a high standard.

Signs to Look Out For

  • A good local Edinburgh locksmith will always ask enough questions on the phone to give you a decent estimate of cost before booking the job if you ask.
  • Many national and ‘cowboy’ companies quote a low labour cost – plus parts, this is where the costs begin to spiral out of control.
  • If you call a locksmith to a simple job like being locked out of a ‘Yale lock’ and they tell you they have to drill the lock – they’re probably at it, so again, don’t be afraid to send them packing and call an honest locksmith with the proper tools. It’s probably worth calling waiting another 30 minutes to save yourself a lot of money.

Remember, If you feel that you’re being sold substandard locks, or overcharged for them, you are free to cancel the job at any point before starting without penalty or ‘cancellation fee’. This is because these companies always advertise ‘no call out charge’ and ‘free site surveys’.

Could be worth saving this number 0131 353 0040 and giving me a call.