Lock Maintenance: How to Properly Maintain Your Locks


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It’s easy to forget about your lock once it’s installed and doing its job of keeping your home or business safe. But keeping your locks in good condition is important.

While high-quality locks don’t need too much maintenance, you should still keep them in good condition. Carrying out some basic regular maintenance can keep them in better condition so they can continue keeping your property secure.

Lubricate Your Locks

You should lubricate your locks regularly. How often depends on the lock, but you should usually do this about once a year.

The type of lubricant also depends on the lock, so check with the lock manufacturer. A water-based or silicon-based lubricant might be recommended. Simply spray the lubricant into the keyway then insert the key and remove it gently a few times.

Keeping it lubricated ensures the pieces can all move properly, and it prevents wear and rust from forming.

Don’t Overclean Locks

Cleaning can remove dirt, moisture, debris and grime, so a regular clean is a good idea. But don’t overclean it.

Just use a bit of water, a soft cloth, and maybe a mild detergent. Petroleum-based products can be abrasive and end up causing more problems.


Look After Your Door

Make sure the door doesn’t have any issues, otherwise the lock won’t be able to do its job properly.

The door should be installed correctly and properly hung instead of sagging. Ideally, there should be a gap of the same size all around the door between the frame. Otherwise, the door can put significant pressure on the lock and prevent it from functioning properly, even leading to its failure.

You should also tighten the hinges from time to time to prevent them from coming loose.


Be Careful with Your Keys

Take care when using the lock, especially the way that you enter and remove the keys. Don’t be forceful, and don’t pull your key when it is in the lock or pull the door closed using the key.

Doing this puts pressure on the lock and can lead to failure, so always use it gently.


Don’t Use Damaged Keys

Just as you are careful to avoid force with the key, don’t use keys that are damaged.

Damaged keys can cause damage to the lock. Where parts of the key are worn, they won’t interact with the lock in the right way, and this can put pressure on the mechanisms.

If your key is showing signs of wear, get a new key cut. Make sure you use an original key to do this, preferably one that is unused. Set it aside to make copies, and this will ensure the copies are accurate.


Call a Locksmith

All of the above tips can help you keep your door locks in good condition so they work properly for longer and keep your property safe.

And if you experience any problems with your lock, give us a call at Hero Locksmith. If you try to fix a lock yourself, you could end up making the problem worse, which can cause security problems.