Why You Should Choose an Edinburgh Trusted Trader Locksmith

Edinburgh Locksmith Trusted Trader Logo on Van

When you need a locksmith in an emergency it is tempting to choose the first one you come across on Google. Unfortunately this can sometimes be a costly mistake. There are many good, honest decent locksmiths in Edinburgh but unfortunately there are also some rogue traders out there too. As well as this, many people still believe that you are more likely to get a good locksmith if you call a large national locksmith company. Unfortunately these companies usually just subcontract to smaller locksmith companies, so this is not always the case. As well as that, national locksmith companies are usually much more expensive, with high call out charges and hourly rates as well as inflated prices for parts. This is because the prices charged have to cover the cost of a locksmith plus the cost of maintaining a call centre.  Instead, it is usually much better value to use a Local Edinburgh locksmith.

But how do you find a good local locksmith that you can trust to do a good job and charge a fair price? One of the best ways is to look at online reviews e.g. Google reviews. This is a really good way of finding out how other customers rate the quality of their work, customer service, knowledge and prices. Another good way is checking to see if they are a member of Edinburgh Council’s Trusted Trader Scheme.

What is Edinburgh Council’s Trusted Trader Scheme?

This is a scheme which provides a list of fully vetted traders, backed by The City of Edinburgh Council and supported by Police Scotland. All locksmiths who are part of this scheme will have been fully vetted by Edinburgh Trading Standards. Background checks will have been carried out on both the locksmith owner and the locksmith business, including their trading history, to ensure that they meet the high standards required by the scheme.

Locksmiths in this scheme must also comply with its ’Business Code of Practice’. This covers such things as having adequate liability insurance, dealing with complaints promptly, not using second-hand parts unless agreed by the customer, leaving all parts replaced available for customers to inspect (if requested) and providing a receipt showing full details of the work carried out. In addition to this all traders in this scheme must have feedback from genuine customers broken down by: value for money, customer service, quality of service and likelihood of using again. Once a locksmith is accepted as a member of the scheme, they are then authorised to use the logo on their van, website and emails etc.

Unfortunately some rogue locksmiths use the logo on their vans and websites fraudulently. To check if a locksmith really is a member of this scheme (and to look at their customer feedback) it is always worth going to the Edinburgh Trusted Trader website and entering the name of the locksmith as shown below.


Trusted Trader locksmith in Edinburgh










If you are looking for a genuine Edinburgh Trusted Trader Locksmith give Hero Locksmith a call on 0131 603 7329 or get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.