What Is Lock Snapping and How to Prevent It

Edinburgh locksmith describes how to avoid lock snapping

As a local Edinburgh locksmith I attend many properties to replace locks where ‘lock snapping’ has been used by burglars to gain unlawful entry to a property. The owners are often left devastated by the unwanted intrusion into their home as well as the loss of their valuables. Unfortunately this type of burglary is becoming more common of late but fortunately it is one that can be easily avoided.

What type of lock can be ‘snapped’?

Lock snapping is most common when a standard Euro cylinder lock is used to protect a property. This type of Euro lock is most commonly seen on UPVC doors, although I have seen them on some aluminium and wooden doors too. Although the multipoint locking points on UPVC doors are very secure they are operated by the cylinder. If the cylinder is not up to the job then the strength of the multipoint locking mechanism becomes secondary.

How is the lock snapped?

The burglar will use basic tools (available in most hardware stores) to exploit the design flaw in the Euro cylinder. After snapping the lock the main mechanism is exposed allowing the internals to be manipulated and the door can then be opened with ease. Scarily this is a well known method and fast becoming the favourite of burglars/car thieves.

How can lock snapping be prevented?

Thankfully the solution to this is extremely simple. Get in touch with a good locksmith and ask them to replace any weak Euro cylinders with anti snap versions. As an experienced locksmith in Edinburgh I would always recommend fitting a Euro cylinder that meets BS TS007 3 Star rating to ensure that it meets the highest standard possible for a euro cylinder.

If you are worried about the security of your locks it is always worth getting in touch with a trusted local locksmith (remember to check out their reviews on Google). They will be able to check your current locks and advice you on any action you should take to improve your home security. It is also worth remembering that anti snap Euro cylinders are not particularly expensive to buy or fit, especially compared to the cost of replacing items after a burglary, not to mention the emotional distress that a break in can cause. Most people would agree that preventing a burglary is always preferable to cleaning up after one.

If you have cylinder locks that you think may need upgraded, or have any other lock issues, please get in touch or call us on 0131 353 0040. We will be able to advise you and provide a free no obligation quote.