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Master Key Systems

Hero Locksmith design and install Master Key Systems for businesses, commercial properties and homes in Edinburgh and throughout the Lothians. A master key is a key that can be used to open more than one door. A master key system is a framework of different levels of access controlled by a series of master keys. Each level of access will correspond to doors that can be locked or unlocked.

Benefits of a Master Key System

  • Extremely secure. Keys are registered and can only be copied by the locksmith that originally designed them
  • Only need to carry one master key
  • One key means accessing and leaving areas/rooms is much faster.
  • Easy to restrict people from accessing areas that should be out of bounds.

Who Can Use a Master Key System?


A master key system can greatly improve the security of an organisation by restricting staff access to certain areas, whilst making access to required areas much easier. Many businesses can have staff that work in more than one area e.g. cleaners, caretakers, security staff, delivery staff. Keys can be designed that will only allow access to authorised areas.


A master key can be useful for homeowners. Since the master key can only be copied by the locksmith that designed it, it can provide peace of mind in situations where you need to give a key to people you may not know well e.g. cleaner, carer, builder etc. It can also be used to restrict access to certain areas and rooms of your home e.g. if you let your home on an occasional basis. A master key can also be particularly useful for more elderly home owners who may struggle with finding the right key for the right door. One master key can be designed to open every door in their home.

Tenanted Properties

Master keys are useful for landlords and tenants. For landlords they can provide emergency access to a number of different properties using just one key. This can remove the need for them to carry and be responsible for a huge numbers of different keys. Master keys can also be designed and given to tenants. Since only the locksmith that designed the master key can make copies, it is a very secure system. It allows the landlord to keep track of how many keys are in circulation and can also make new tenants feel more secure, knowing that the last tenants don’t have a key to their home.

If you would like to find out more how a Master Key System could help you, please give us a call.