UPVC Door Lock Repairs Edinburgh

UPVC door locks Edinburgh

UPVC Lock Repairs

Most UPVC doors are fitted with a multi-point locking system. With this type of locking system, when you lift the handle and turn the key the door will lock at several different points. Most insurance companies now insist on a cylinder lock with at least 5 pins. If the euro lock cylinder on your upvc door is broken we can change it or upgrade it to 3 Star TS007 cylinder. This high security lock can prevent ‘cylinder snapping’ which is becoming more and more common in Edinburgh.

Upvc doors may develop faults for a variety of reasons. When they do, they become a security risk to your home. Thankfully they are usually inexpensive and fast to fix, typically sorted in one visit.

At Hero Locksmith our van is stocked with a wide variety of multi-point locking mechanisms for UPVC Doors. We know the importance of good quality and will only ever install branded locks that we know are tried, tested and up to the job.

UPVC Door Repairs

It is not always the lock that is the problem on your upvc door. Sometimes if the door is not properly aligned with the frame, or has slipped slightly, it can be difficult to engage the multipoint locking mechanism. In this case it can take several attempts to lock or unlock the door. You may even feel that you have to lift the door slightly to get it to lock. This problem is something that we at Hero Locksmith can easily deal with. Making small adjustments to the alignment of the door of a few mm can usually sort this type of problem. It can also usually be done for a fraction of the price charged by a double glazing company.

Remember, at Hero Locksmith we give a minimum 12 month warranty on all new locks/locking mechanisms