Edinburgh Housebreaking Hotspots 2019

housebreaking Edinburgh

Everyone would agree that Edinburgh is a beautiful city and many people believe that it also one of the safest in the UK to live. However, when it comes to the number of house break-ins, this is far from true. MoneySupermarket analysed millions of home insurance quotes over a period of 2 years. They wanted to identify which areas of the UK claimed most often on their home insurance policies for damage and items stolen by intruders. It may come as a surprise to hear that postcodes in Edinburgh ranked 4th (EH4 – Dean Village, Barnton and Cramond) and also 9th (EH15 – Portobello and Duddingston) in the top 20 of most burgled postcodes. In addition latest police figure show that three in four house break-ins still go unsolved.

Being a victim of a break-in can be a traumatic experience and the emotional impact can last for a long time. In fact recent research has shown that nearly one in eight people are so upset after being broken into that they subsequently move house. But being burgled doesn’t just have a psychological impact. According to the Post Office a burglary will cost the average household £566 in damages and £2,267 in stolen goods. In addition, the cost of home insurance is higher for households which have previously made a claim after being burgled.

Even with these shocking statistics the research also found that many people (44%) still don’t take any precautionary steps to protect their homes e.g. good quality door locks, window locks, burglar alarms etc. Many house breaking incidents can easily be avoided by following some simple steps.

Steps to protect your home

  1. Get a qualified local locksmith to fit decent, high security, insurance company approved locks on all windows and doors
  2. Get an intruder alarm fitted
  3. Fit good exterior lighting or sensor lighting
  4. Install CCTV cameras
  5. Keep valuables out of sight from ground floor windows
  6. Don’t forget your garage. Secure garage doors with good quality locks
  7. Trim trees and hedges that provide helpful cover for burglars

Hero Locksmith is a trusted local locksmith in Edinburgh. If you would like help on making your home or business more secure, please get in touch or give Richard a call on 0131 353 0040. We can fit high security, door and window locks at very competitive prices.