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Choosing a Locksmith As is the way of the world these days, the majority of people are now very much inclined to shop around when choosing a service or product. Cost is a big factor for me too when choosing supermarkets, holidays, utilities etc. Supermarkets generally sell similar products to each […]

How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

If it sounds expensive, it probably is! I am a local Edinburgh locksmith and I regularly arrive at jobs I’ve quoted for, to be told that I am the cheapest by a mile. A recent example of this involved a communal stair door lock replacement. I had spoken to the customer and […]

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5 Famous People Who Have Been Burgled

Having high security locks at home is not something that most people think about, however in Jan 2016 The Scotsman named Edinburgh as the top break in hotspot in Scotland with 5 suburbs topping the list for making insurance claims after being broken into. This does not make pleasant reading […]

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6 Ways to Feel Safer at Home This Winter

As an Edinburgh locksmith I spend much of my time fixing problems with door and windows locks. At this time of year it is particularly important that these are operating properly. The long dark winter nights can make some home owners feel more vulnerable so it is important that your […]