When Lock Picking Looks Easy

lock picking by locksmith

As a trained local locksmith in Edinburgh, my priority is to give my customers great service at a great price. I am lucky because as an independent mobile locksmith my overheads are low. Unlike large national franchised locksmith companies, I do not have the expense of maintaining a call centre or call centre staff. When people call my number, they will be speaking directly to me about their lock problem.  Repeat custom and recommendations from past customers to family and friends are also important to my success as a locksmith. This is why it good customer service, speedy response times and efficient repairs are crucial to me.

However, there are some situations when being too fast and efficient can sometimes be seen as a disadvantage.  For example, when I am called to a lock-out situation, where someone can’t get into their property it can usually go one of two ways. It can be a lock that is relatively quick to open and I will have the job done in a few minutes or it can be one that is extremely difficult and take a lot of time, effort and different techniques. In both cases, customers are usually very happy and grateful when their door is finally unlocked and they can get back inside. However, I suspect that when the lock has been more of a challenge, customers are more grateful than when it has been a more straightforward lock. This is understandable because we often perceive tasks that are quick to perform as being simple tasks. However, this can sometimes mask the true amount of work and skill that has gone into being able to perform a task quickly. It reminds me of this old story:

A man asks a famous artist to paint him a picture of a fish. He is told by the artist that it will take him a year to do so. 365 days later the man returns and the artist still has no painting to give him. The man is annoyed and insists that he do it straight away. The artist takes out his paints and produces the most beautiful picture of a fish. The man is stunned with the perfection of the picture but is also annoyed. He asks the artist why he has been made to wait a year for a painting that has only taken him 5 minutes to do. The artist then takes him to a cupboard and opens it. Thousands of sketches of fish fall out.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that just because a task is quick and looks easy doesn’t mean it always is.  A good locksmith will have been trained and have spent hundreds of hours perfecting their non-destructive techniques before arriving at your door.  There are many rogue locksmiths out there who have not done the hours of training or practice on the job and don’t know how to pick locks properly.  These are the type of locksmiths who will always reach for the power tools straight away. They will drill out the lock barrel and charge for a replacement, even when this is not necessary. Unfortunately, these locksmiths give the whole industry a bad name.

So if a locksmith ever arrives at your home and gets you back inside quickly and with little fuss, be very happy that you have chosen a properly trained locksmith with exactly the right skills for the job. Make sure you store their number in a safe place.

Hero Locksmith is a local locksmith in Edinburgh. If you have any lock issues or problems please get in touch, or give me a call on 0131 353 0040