Changing the Locks


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Welcome everybody to my first blog post on my new website.

I’d like to talk about whether it’s worth changing your locks or not?

As a local Edinburgh locksmith, on a regular basis I am called to jobs where the homeowner/ resident is locked out of their home, no surprises there considering the job title….

These unfortunate customers haven’t always lost their keys, in fact a lot of the time the cause of the lock out is due to lack of regular maintenance and ignoring some tell tale signs that the lock could be about to fail.

Let’s look at a few of these situations.

The Dropped Snib

On a commonly used nightlatch (a Yale lock to most people), the small switch which allows you to deadlock or hold back the latch has engaged itself. Of course upon return, the keys are inserted but will not turn. Cue the call to a locksmith. The reason this happens is just down to wear and tear. If there is no resistance when using the little switch then this could be your fate one day soon too, as it could just drop when you slam your door and you won’t know about it until you return.

It’s not necessary to change your keys in this situation, but it’s definitely worth swapping the backplate/latch, leaving the original cylinder in place. This saves on key cutting costs.

The Jammed Deadlock

This is the one all locksmiths would rather not come up. Lever locks or mortise locks are great for security, especially the new up to date BS3621 models. These locks don’t fail that often as the inner working are generally robust and they last for years and years. However, when they do start to go, don’t ignore them. If you experience trouble unlocking or locking a lever lock I would always advise changing them.
Lock-outs or lock-ins due to this type of lock failing usually means reaching for the power tools unfortunately.
Another good reason for changing a mortise lock is insurance requirements, have a look on the faceplate of the lock- if it says anything less than BS3621 2007 then you may find that your house insurance is invalid. Insurance companies love to get out of payouts on technicalities!

Can’t Unlock or Lock UPVC Door

There are many reasons for not being able to lock or unlock a upvc door. It’s not usually the lock itself, so changing the euro cylinder usually won’t help. More often it’s the door or the locking system inside the door.
If the door is out of alignment this can make lifting the handle fully to engage the multi-point difficult. It may just need adjusted slightly, 1 or 2mm can make all the difference.
This may also be a sign that the locking system has failed or is about to, in this situation it’s worth calling a trained locksmith. Again it might just need an adjustment but sometimes a replacement gearbox or full mechanism may be required. Always worth getting quotes for this as, in my experience, window and door companies can charge up to triple that of a locksmith.

Thanks for reading and I hope this has been of some degree of relevance to your visit to my website, thanks Richard .