Common UPVC Doors Problems and What to Do

UPVC door repairs Edinburgh

As an Edinburgh locksmith, I have lots of experience dealing with UPVC door repairs. This type of door is very popular, particularly in more modern homes. There are many good reasons why people love UPVC doors.

  1. They are durable and very low maintenance. They can be kept clean with a simple wipe down and don’t need to be painted or varnished every few years in order to protect them
  2. They provide a high level of heat and noise insulation
  3. They are easy to install and remove
  4. They are relatively inexpensive to buy and install
  5. They are robust and offer a good level of security

Unfortunately, UPVC doors can also suffer from a number of common problems.

Common Problems with UPVC Doors

  1. UPVC doors fitted with a standard euro cylinder lock barrel can be at risk of lock snapping. This is now a very common way for burglars to break-in. This type of lock will take a burglar just a few seconds to ‘snap’ and remove, allowing them full access to your home within minutes. Changing the barrel to an anti-snap euro lock is a quick and easy job for a locksmith. I sell both a budget anti-snap euro lock and 3 Star TS007 anti-snap euro lock. This is the very highest rating for a euro cylinder lock. Both locks will greatly increase the security of your UPVC door. The other good news is that these locks are not particularly expensive so it is definitely worth fitting them on any external UPVC doors.
  2. Another common problem that I regularly encounter is when the UPVC door becomes misaligned with the locking points in the door frame. UPVC doors are very heavy and over time can slip or ‘drop’. This problem becomes evident when it becomes difficult to lock or unlock the door. Fortunately, this is also a quick and easy fix for a locksmith who specialises in UPVC door repairs. In fact, it is usually a lot cheaper to get a locksmith to fix this type of problem rather than a double glazing company.
  3. Most people panic when suddenly they can’t unlock or lock their UPVC door. This is sometimes caused by wear and tear on the actual locking mechanism. Luckily it is usually just the multipoint locking gearbox that needs to be replaced and not the whole mechanism.  A good locksmith will carry a wide range of gearboxes in their van and will usually be able to fix this problem on the spot. Sometimes, on older UPVC doors, the new gearbox will have to be specially ordered. In this case, the locksmith will arrange a time to return and fit the new part when it arrives in stock.

In conclusion, although there are some common problems associated with UPVC doors, they are still a great option for many homes as long as

  • They are fitted with a secure anti-snap euro cylinder lock
  • Problems are dealt with sooner rather than leaving till later

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