How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

cost of Edinburgh locksmith

If it sounds expensive, it probably is!

I am a local Edinburgh locksmith and I regularly arrive at jobs I’ve quoted for, to be told that I am the cheapest by a mile.

Unfortunately many customers don’t have any idea about how much a locksmith should cost. A recent example of this involved a communal stair door lock replacement.

I had spoken to the customer and given my usual quote over the phone. I had then emailed it to her so she could show it to other tenants of the building.

My price was £60 (parts and labour) to replace the lock barrel, including 2 keys with additional keys costing £4 each. This is under an hour’s work while supplying a quality product.

Around 30 minutes after writing the email I received a call from the same customer, by this time worried, asking if my price was correct? As it turned out another Edinburgh locksmith (well known for overcharging) had quoted a staggering price of £300 to replace the lock, saying the whole system would need re-wired. Extra keys were not included in this price.

Of course my quote was accepted and I completed the job a day later. It was done within an hour and much to the customer’s amazement, was done on budget with no re-wiring required.

Put simply the “locksmith” who provided the high quote is actually a conman.

Always think about what you are having fixed or replaced and if it sounds expensive, you’re probably being considerably overcharged.

Cost of Locks

  • There are very few domestic locks on the market that cost over £70 each.
  • Basic Rim Cylinders (Yale lock barrels) are £15
  • Basic Euro Cylinders are around £20-£25
  • High Security Euro Cylinders are £45-£60
  • Good quality deadlocks are £30-£70
  • Very few multi-point door mechanisms cost more than £120

Cost of Locksmith Labour

Of course you have the cost of labour on top of these prices. This can vary depending on several factors e.g. time of day/day of the week, if it’s a common part, if it has to be collected or ordered for a second visit.

If you have someone telling you that it will cost £400 to replace a door mechanism – send them packing and call someone else. Equally, if you are quoted anything more than £120 to change a lock, start asking questions on the brand of lock being supplied and look it up yourself.

The nationwide companies are notorious for this type of behaviour, which gives the genuine Edinburgh locksmiths a bad reputation as we are all tarred with the same brush.

Remember, locks are made of brass and steel – NOT GOLD!

If you are looking for a reliable local locksmith who will always charge an honest price, please get in touch or call me on  0131 353 0040